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30/30 VISION

30 projects in 30 days for 30 years of Eastern Edge Gallery
November 1st to 30th 2014

To celebrate 3 decades of contemporary art at Eastern Edge Gallery invited members of the gallery to organize 30 consecutive days of art actions both large and small. For the month of November, watch for talks, pop up events, galas, dance parties, workshops, games, live discussions, online events, community interventions, and random acts of kindness.

This special series takes the place of our annual members group exhibition this year, so grab a couple friends and come on down! 



November 1
Gerard McNiven 
After the Storm           
hosted by Rogue Gallery 7pm  
Opening in the Rogue Gallery, a selection of new work by  Gerard McNiven until Nov 15. These etherial landscapes will transport you. Exhibition curated by June Walker Wilson.

Champagne Toast 
30/30 Vision Launch Party            
hosted by Eastern Edge 9pm, $10  
Raise a glass of sparkly to our 30th Anniversary! Real toast and champagne by Raymonds’ famous sommalier Erin Turke. Music jams by STEVE MALONEY and more TBA! 

November 2
Eastern Edge Gallery 
Annual General Meeting            
hosted by Eastern Edge 1pm
Come learn about all things EEG, who’s exhibiting in 2015 and how you can get involved! Become a member, vote, and have your say! Coffee and piniata included. 

November 3
hosted by Jen Cake 6-7pm  
Come stretch out those artistic muscles with EE member Jen Cake! Namaste.

November 4
Dad Day            
hosted by Joe Fowler 12-5pm  
Dad Day is celebratory projection based project designed to honour the people we view as a fatherly figures. The public is invited to both add to and view the series of Dad Day images and tell dad jokes. Email your fatherly photo toeasternedgegallery@gmail.com subject DAD DAY.

November 5
David Tuck 
Thirty Something           
hosted by David Tuck 12-5pm  
Take a digital image of house, structure, or business with the number 30 on it. Send it to easternedgegallery@gmail.comand we will project the images all day long at the gallery! A project by local artist David Tuck.

November 6

Dona Bulgin
Extracting Time            
hosted by Dona Bulgin, 12-5pm  
Exerpts from Dona Bulgin’s ongoing project Time Piece that includes ink drawings, interviews, descriptions and research all related to the many facets of time, made over the last 30 years.

November 7
Awesome Ladies Club Discussion: Feminism & Art             
hosted by Awesome Ladies Club 12-1:30pm  
Facilitated by publisher and author Beth Follett - a quiet, small moment of interaction between women and genderqueer artists in the middle of the day in a St John’s gallery without any product placement, monumental projects or overwhelming need to be right. Bring your lunch with you and listen, talk and think with us.

November 8
3 Wade In Workshops           
hosted by EEG+Vanl-Carfac 10am, 1pm, 3pm  
Learn how to design the best application, track, and take care of our artistic careers with Toronto based curator ZACH PEARL (10am). Discover how to make it as an independent artist with PETER WILKINS (1pm). Strategize with CHRISTINA PARKER and MARY MACDONALD as they offer pitching tips to commercial and artist run galleries (3pm). EEG Members free, VANL Members $5, 
Regular $10/workshop www.wadeinvideo.com

Wade In Screening  
Lost in the Signals          
hosted by Eastern Edge 8pm  
WADE IN bridges physical geographies with the flow of the digital image. A series of 10 international video art screenings curated by Eva Isleifsdottir (Reykjavik), Chris Clarke (Cork), Zach Pearl (Toronto), Michelle Jacques (Victoria), and Jason Penney+Mary MacDonald (St. John’s). Lost in the Signals features work by Mark Adams, Alan Butler, Paul Wong, Peter Rahul , Megan Dickie, Hannah Epstein, and Brianna Lowe. www.wadeinvideo.com

November 9
Jason Wells and April 
White - Reel Fake           
hosted by Jason Wells + April White 1-5pm  
An installation and durational performance art piece consisting of a constructed living room set with a “life” size television where two artists and TV lovers, Jason Wells and April White, can be seen discussing their love of television. 

November 10
Benjy Kean 
Rox Tournament         
hosted by Benjy Kean, 7-11pm  
ROX !!! AS SEEN ON TV !! The board game that will get you addicted to ROX !!! A game created by Benjy Kean, made infamous by Dragon’s Den.

November 12
Katie Vatour 
I Love You             
hosted by Katie Vatour 11-5pm  
A performance and community intervention and collaboration project by Katie Vatour that explores those three simple words in both a public and private setting. Help Katie build a wall of “I Love You” Post-it Notes, and take a sweet reminder home with you.

November 13
Letter Writing Day            
hosted by Vanl-Carfac 12-5pm  
Join VANL-CARFAC in a thank you and advocacy letter writing bonanza! Also learn more about VANL and become a member if you like! 

November 14
Crossroads Society 
of Art Writing Salon       
hosted by CSW at 11 Newtown Rd. 7pm  
A gathering of professional and aspiring art writers regarding art writing in the province and beyond. Bring an article for inspiration!

November 15
3 Wade In Workshops            
hosted by EEG+Vanl-Carfac 10am, 1pm, 3pm  
Understand artist rights and defining value with INGRID MARY PERCY (10am). Explore the broader art world and its complexity Victoria curator MICHELLE JACQUES (1pm). Learn tips, tricks, and best practices for framing and installing with WILL GILL and JOHN MCDONALD (3pm). EEG Members free, VANL Members $5, Regular $10/workshop

Wade In Screening
Sounds Spells and Song            
hosted by Eastern Edge 8pm  
WADE IN continues with Sounds, Spells, and Song featuring the work of Peter Wilkins, Marlene Creates & Elizabeth Zetlin, Jenny Brady, Bridget O’Gorma, Farheen HaQ, Matthew Hollett, Monika Frycová, and Michelle Hannah.

November 16
Print! Pop Up Exhibition          
hosted by the Homeless Gallery, 12-5pm  
A pop up exhibition showcasing brand new work from students in the Visual Arts Program at Grenfell Campus, Memorial University. For traditional print lovers this is a must see. Work by Philip McIlroy, Isabel Cohlmeyer, and Amber-Lynn Thorne.

November 17
Finish That Thing           
hosted by Desination Library 10am-5pm
Explore EEG’s library including the latest art magazines or simply make a dent in that to do list. For one day, we turn the gallery into a library/mobile office. Water cooler incl.

For the Love of Learning Youth Art Exhibition           
hosted by Rogue Gallery 7pm
New work from young artists! Exhibition runs until Nov 29

November 18
Graham Kennedy +
Chris Driedzic - Audio Walk            
hosted by Graham and Chris 12-5pm  
Grab directions at EEG and explore a unique audio art walk! 

November 20
Sherwin Tija
Crowd Karaoke            
hosted by Sherwin Tija 10pm  
Sing it loud. Sing it proud. Sing it in a crowd! Crowd Karoke is like regular karaoke but with 30 of your closest friends.

November 21
Candace Fulford - Pink Flamingo Wish-o-Rama            
hosted by Candace Fulford 9pm  
For EEG’s 30th birthday, a flock of pink flamingos will 
take over the gallery. Visitors welcome to take selfies, 
post to #thirtEE, dance, and make a wish!

November 22
Nanny Walbourne
Kitchen Party            
hosted by Nanny Walbourne 12-3pm, 6-9pm  
Nanny Walbourne’s having a kitchen party and your 
not going to believe what she is bringing to it. She took 
a small trip round the bay and brought back a load of goodies to have a gawk at. Come by for tunes and nibbles!

November 23
Sara Tilley 
Theatre Games            
hosted by Sara Tilley 2-6pm  
A get-silly afternoon of up-on-your-feet active theatre games from acting and clown. Bring your favorite 
snacks, lead the group in a game if you have one, and celebrate instant community with a whole lot of play!

November 24
Will Gill -Artist Talk            
hosted by Will Gill 7pm 
Gill tells us about his recent adventures North at 
the Arctic Circle Residency.

November 25
Zineophilia 4           
hosted by local artists 12-8pm  
Local artists and writers are invited to display, make, 
and trade (7pm) small self-published bookworks or zines! 
With Laura Temple, Matthew Hollett and others!

November 26
hosted by Three Ghosts Print Collective 12-5pm  
Come by and print your own patch, see how relief printmaking works, and check out some of the pre-
made patches by artists Amery Sandford, Jason Wells, 
April White, Virginia Mitford, Maria Mercer, and Will Baker. 

November 27
Queer Uncensored
hosted by Eastern Edge 8pm, $5  
12 of St. John’s most talented new performers present song, poetry, monologues, and radical new performance works addressing social structures, embodiment, love, romance, sexuality, and more through a critical queer 
lens. Moving, provocative, and uncensored.

November 28
Mark Adams -Night         
hosted by Mark Adams 12-10pm  
An ambitious large scale video and sound installation 
that explores the mysteries of the night, childhood fear, 
and the great unknown. 

November 29
Pepa Chan
One for All, All for Art          
hosted by Eastern Edge 10am-4pm  
An open workshop for all ages to create art all day long! 
At 4pm Pepa and participants will create an “art trail” across downtown.

Facebook event here








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