Year: 2016

Annual Members Show

Dec 16 - 30, 2016

An exhibition of artworks by Eastern Edge Members. This year, the show included the work of many talented artists listed below: David McConkey Tony Brathwaite Virginia Mitford Bonnie Leyton Jason Wells Michael Ciesielski Nicholas Aiden Terrance Hounsell E. B. Reid Lucas Morneau Daniel Frampton Katie Vautour Stephen Hiscock Jila Graham Cox Ashley Martin Philippa Jones Carolyn… Read More

rOGUE | Mimi Stockland | A Hill of Beans

October 29 - December 7, 2016

A Hill of Beans Mimi Stockland rOGUE Opening Reception: Saturday, October 29th, 7 – 10 pm (rOGUE/Main Gallery reception with The Smurf, The Duck, The Devil, The Salesman by Toronto-based artist Claire Scherzinger) A river carves its twisting way through the landscape, a sloping mountain is made gentle by time, oxygen turns the rusting shell… Read More