Year: 2017


May 12-June 16, 2017

Opening Reception, May 12th, 7-10pm The collaborative Toronto duo outline their approach to fusing art, design and craft through multimedia installations. Last is First explores the hierarchy of artistic disciplines by focusing on the relationships between depictions of objects in paintings and photographs and the physical objects themselves. The ”props“ (a fruit bowl, a rug,… Read More


rOGUE gallery, May 12-June 16, 2017

A House of Another Colour is a series spanning across Pittman’s painting and drawing practices. In this series, she collects snippets of residential, commercial, and industrial architecture imagery, splices them together on a canvas or collage, and douses them in a bright, domestic colour palette. Pittman explores the effect of colour and abstraction on architectural forms, especially… Read More

fare & SQUARE salon soiree

Fare & SQUARE is a fantastic opportunity for you to support EE and nab yourself an awesome artwork.  NL artists have been invited to participate in this fabulous fundraiser. They will each be creating a new artwork (8”x 8” mounted on birch panel) To have the opportunity of owning one of these great pieces you… Read More

Where did we go?

April 6- May 11 2017

April is our scheduled spring clean gallery break. We are here having new heating put in! repainting, doing inventory, tidying up our store rooms and digital files and applying for funding. This week we are ripping into our walls so that new heating can be wired in. No more will you see your breath clouds… Read More

L’nui’sultinej, Let us Speak Mi’kmaq: John Jeddore on Jordan Bennett and Ursula Johnson’s Mi’kmaq Word of the Day 2.0

The Mi’kmaq language is heralded as a language of the land. When early explorers took on Mi’kmaq people as their guides through the unforgiving terrain of Newfoundland’s interior, they would remark on how the words flowed so harmoniously, and likened it to the animal’s communicating, the rivers flowing, and the wind piercing the moss hanging… Read More