David Tuck Memorial Library

In collaboration with VANL/CARFAC, Eastern Edge offers an extensive collection of art periodicals and artist books for short-term loans to our members.

Click here to browse the David Tuck Memorial Library catalogue.

E.B. Reid is putting the finishing touches on her photography exhibition in the new David Tuck Memorial Library space.





Join us for the official opening of the BRAND NEW David Tuck Memorial Library!

Tuesday, August 7th at 5 pm

We have partnered with VANL-CARFAC to extend the library into a new space, filled with even more art books and magazines than ever before. Located just down the halls from Eastern Edge, this cozy library will act as a quiet space for EE members to sit and relax while they read, write, or work on their own professional practices.

We also have lots of room on the walls of the David Tuck Memorial Library, and the inaugural mini-exhibition that will be on display is the photography of E.B Reid!

Little Lost House
E. B. Reid
David Tuck Memorial Library
72 Harbour Drive, 5 – 6 pm

When E.B. Reid attended the Lisa Porter’s Writing with Care artist retreat at Ochre House in Ochre Pitt Cove, she created the visual blog “The Little Lost House”. She will be exhibiting these photos in the brand new David Tuck Memorial Library, just beyond Eastern Edge Gallery.


About the Library Space

Possibly the only Library Space Downtown? This dedicated arts Library has books on local artists, catalogues, critical analysis, art theory, zines and more.

The space can be used as an alternative exhibition venue for shows that require an intimate atmosphere, a research area and a place to sit and read during gallery hours. There is no WIFI, so you can work distraction free!

There is no formal application required to use the space for your project. We encourage artists, writers, curators, poets and members to email us with their project ideas.