Jonathan Villeneuve / Kip Jones

Apr. 30 – Jun. 11, 2011

VilleneuveJones 2

#2 linear gesture, 5x7

APR. 30 – JUN. 11

Jonathan Villeneuve’s installation project Wavelength is a series of large-scale structures built out of common building materials that evoke the movement of a slow and steady wave. His recent work focuses on the perpetual flow that drives the evolution of the constructed environment in response to human activity.

Read the exhibition essay by Ariane De Blois.

Kip Jones’ Linear Gesture is a site-specific sculptural response, delineating new spaces through the use of sweeping linear modules that intersect and arc through the gallery. This exploration of the parameters of space and place is driven by an ongoing interest in the subjective construction of imperceptible boundaries.

Read the exhibition essay by Andrea Carvalho.

Posted April 30, 2011