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Kristen Roos / Jennifer Dorner

Jun. 28 – Aug. 2, 2008

KRISTEN ROOS – THE MICRO RADIO PROJECT JENNIFER DORNER – SKY VESSELS JUN. 28 – AUG. 2 The micro radio project is a mobile sound installation, and a live sound collage performance. Using lathe cut records, cassettes and a radio transmitter it pays homage to the history of the phonograph, tape and radio as tools… Read More

John Dummett / Mario Doucette

May 3 – Jun. 14, 2008

. JOHN DUMMETT – REMEMBER WE ARE ALL HERE MARIO DOUCETTE – HISTOIRES MAY 3 – JUN. 14 Remember we are all here is a socially engaged examination of the language used in current debates of community and social integration. The installation provides an intimate space for a public mourning of the loss of shared… Read More

Kristy O’Leary / Lisa Lipton

Mar. 8 – Apr. 19, 2008

KRISTY O’LEARY – NEWSEASON.CA LISA LIPTON – HIGH ON A HILL MAR. 8 – APR. 19 Newseason.ca is an online environment based on deconstructed topographic maps, where one can experience elders revealing their memories of weather and their observations of climate change. Read the exhibition essay by Kristin Ivey. High on a Hill is a… Read More

Chris Flanagan – The Devil’s Chord

Jan. 12 - Feb. 23, 2008

The Devil’s Chord is an interactive installation based on 1980’s computer games. The gallery visitor participates in the narrative by following clues to reach an ultimate conclusion. Computer games are based around simple morality choices – winning is a choice between good and evil. In The Devil’s Chord, the gallery setting is transformed into a… Read More