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Members In-Tandem

Nov. 16 – 30, 2013

Members In-Tandem: An exhibition of collaborative artworks by Eastern Edge Members. Opening reception: November 16th at 7pm Facebook event here

Robert Hengeveld – Intercession

Sept. 7 – Oct. 19, 2013

Intercession includes two kinetic projects that continuously and methodically operate in an effort to maintain a slice of the urban landscape; a lawn and a hedge. Kentucky Perfect and Ghostrider are both equipped with the means necessary to create and maintain the ideal specimen. Read the exhibition essay by Kelly Jazvac. Opening reception + Artist… Read More

Maryse Arseneault – Sanguine, Terre Brulée, et autres Angoisses

Jun. 15 – Jul. 27, 2013

Questioning hidden bloodlines in Acadian ancestry, Sanguine, Terres Brulées, et autres Angoisses investigates post-colonial ailments, notably surrounding the notions of appropriation, identity and territory, initiating dialogue between First Nations and non-First Nations people. Read the exhibition essay by Sophia Bartholomew. Opening reception + Artist talk: June 15th at 7pm Facebook event here About the artist:… Read More

Kyle Whitehead – Circles of Confusion

Apr. 27 – Jun. 8, 2015

Circles of Confusion is a generative image and sound based expanded cinema installation and performative work composed of dual Super8 film-loop projections each coupled with a mirrored pair of optically controlled sine-wave oscillators. Built to function like a theremin, these scratch built oscillator circuits are controlled by light-dependent sensors that modulate audible pitch and volume…. Read More

Anna Williams – Dark Timber

Feb. 23rd – Apr. 6, 2013

Dark Timber is a mixed sculptural installation that explores the link between human and animal through the investigation of what we have lost in our passage from nature to culture. This work centers around two life-sized bronze whitetail deer fawns who stand upon a brightly coloured, braided rug made of collected old clothing that Anna… Read More