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Chris Foster – Frontiers in Real Estate

Dec. 15 – Feb. 9, 2013

Frontiers in Real Estate is body of screen prints and scale models created by Halifax based visual artist Chris Foster. The screen prints explore remote Northern landscapes, unexpected industrial ruins and imagined makeshift dwellings. Alongside these works, scale models of custom built trucks incorporate wooden dwellings, merging the need for both home and mobility. Read… Read More


Nov. 9 – Dec. 8, 2012

Eastern Edge Gallery’s Annual Members Exhibition has arrived. ITSYBITSY is an exhibition of miniature art with big impact! Opening Reception: November 9th at 7pm With a performance by the St. John’s Ukulele Orchestra! Facebook event here

Hazel Meyer – Walls to the Ball

Sept. 15 – Oct. 27, 2012

Walls to the Ball is an installation, performance and sculpture project that uses macramé and hand-knotting techniques to construct fantastical versions of basketball nets in a commentary on both jock and handicraft culture. Hazel Meyer will be onsite developing the project in the first weeks of the exhibition, gradually transforming the gallery into a pseudo-gymnasium,… Read More

Scenocosme / Elinor Whidden

Jul. 7 – Aug. 11, 2012

SCENOCOSME – KYMAPETRA ELINOR WHIDDEN – HEAD-SMASHED-IN-ENGINE-BLOCK-BUFFALO-JUMP JUL. 7 – AUG. 11 Developed by French art collective Scenocosme (Gregory Lasserre and Anais met den Ancxt), Kymapetra is an interactive installation composed of five stones and a large central basin containing water. When a hand is placed above a stone, a tone is produced that becomes… Read More

Stephen Mueller – Please Don’t Go

May 5 – Jun. 16, 2012

Ritualistically transcribing and reorganizing Braille text within the confines of a mirrored glass display case, Stephen G. A. Mueller explores the relationships between fear, loss, regret, obsession and futility, through an unabashed representation of daily struggles with an uncooperative mind. Please Don’t Go is, at once, an exercise in self-involved psychoanalysis, a living cenotaph, a… Read More