Tag: Rogue Gallery

Dame Mailarta’s Portrait Studio/Workshop

Jan. 10 – Feb. 1, 2014

In conjunction with the exhibition TRANSformations: DALE ROBERTS/DAME MAILARTA at the Grenfell Art Gallery, Eastern Edge Gallery presents: Dame Mailarta’s Portrait Studio/Workshop A gallery within a gallery, an exhibition within an exhibition: for more than seven years Newfoundland artist Dale Roberts (a.k.a. Dame Mailarta) has been collecting portraits from around the globe and adding them… Read More

Wake Up Inspired

Oct. 22 – 26, 2013

Eastern Edge + For the Love of Learning present: Wake Up Inspired 2013 Wake Up Inspired is an annual exhibition of visual art (prints, paintings, drawings, sculpture, photographs, video, performance) by young Newfoundland and Labrador artists. Artists Kenny Matthews Kelsey Templemen Nick Lee Maggie Hepditch Paula Graham Pepa Chan Blake Palmer Charlene Denief Gerald Best… Read More

Mindscapes: ‘An Untold Story

Sept. 28 – Oct. 9, 2013

An exhibition of new works by: Judy Stacey, Kevin Cumby, Bradley Whitten, Annette Rodgers, Rob McCormack, Toby Rabinowitz, Francis Clark, Melissa Tremblett, Karen Hanlon, Tracey Robinson, David Tuck, Noreen Mooney, Alison Rideout, Jamie Hearn About the exhibition: Mental illness continues to be the least understood of all illnesses. Mental illness is not visible, it does… Read More

Barbara Burnaby – Mixed Bag

Jul. 6 – 27, 2013

Mixed Bag is a celebration of Barbara Burnaby’s lifetime pleasure in expressing the visual wonder of her world. Patient coaching by family and teachers has opened the door to new media. About the artist: Barbara Burnaby is a lifetime amateur artist and craftsperson. Her media include drawing, ceramics, flower arranging, ceramics, sculpture, textile work, stained… Read More

Amanda Power – Shadows

Jun. 15 – Jul. 5, 2013

Shadows examines the body in transition, exploring time-based changes that the body experiences. The human body goes through physical, emotional and mental shifts during the aging process. Created over the past two years, Shadows works mainly with figurative images. In each piece the body’s presence acts as a platform, in which the viewer may explore… Read More