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Open Call for Main Gallery Submissions

My Cousin’s Cousin, Jerry Evans, Jordan Bennett, Amy Malbeuf, and Meagan Musseau, November 20 – December 19, 2020.

Call for: Main Gallery Submissions

Holding fast to the North Atlantic horizon, Eastern Edge is uniquely positioned to bridge local and international art communities. Eastern Edge is located at 72 Harbour Drive in downtown St. John’s, Ktaqmkuk (Newfoundland and Labrador). Our island location is a haven for independent artistic activity; engaging artists who want to be challenged to create in an environment where pragmatic, uncompromising dedication to personal vision is celebrated. As Newfoundland & Labrador’s oldest artist-run-centre, we are committed to supporting emerging creative practices, challenging the status quo, and building active audiences. 

Eastern Edge is accepting proposals for Main Gallery exhibitions for 2023-2024. We are dedicated to cultural diversity in our programming, and encourage applications from artists, art collectives, and curators of diverse communities and backgrounds. We strive to support the needs of our successful applicants, please do make us aware of any flexibility or supports you need that are not covered here. 


The next submission deadline is: October 31, 2022


What We Provide:

  • Eastern Edge pays artist fees in accordance with the current CARFAC Fee Schedule under Category 1.
  • We also offer an artist talk and/or workshop CARFAC fee (if applicable), a modest travel budget, and a return shipping budget of up to $350.
  • We encourage selected artists and curators to apply for travel and project funding. If required, the gallery can assist with additional letters of support.
  • We commission an essay / written piece to accompany the exhibition.
  • We have the exhibition professionally documented. 


Application Process:

Submissions must include, in the following order:

  • An Exhibition proposal (max. 500 words)
  • Artist statement outlining an overview of your practice/interests (max. 500 words)
  • Current CV (max 2 pages)
  • Images (10 max) including installation images and individual works, or link to video clips/audio files with accompanying descriptions) and image list
  • Outline of technical equipment and support needed
  • Please note if this is a submission for a curated or collaborative show with two or more artists, please submit an Artist statement and CV for each artist and a curatorial statement. You may submit 5 images for each artist.


We are also happy to accept exhibition proposals in alternative formats including video and audio. All submission formats will require you to email us your CV, images, and links to audio/video work. If submitting a video or audio file, please ensure it is no longer than 10 minutes and describes, in the following order: 

  • your proposed exhibition
  • your artistic practice/interests
  • outline of technical equipment and support needed


* All submissions must be sent as email attachments (NO ZIP FILES), and must not exceed 25 MB. Please send images as JPGs and text files as PDFs. Submissions that do not fit these requirements will not be considered for programming.


Note: Artists may apply to multiple opportunities available at Eastern Edge, each opportunity requires a separate application. There is no guarantee that your application will be selected for multiple opportunities. 


Please send applications to, and indicate “Main Gallery Submission” in your subject line.



Eastern Edge Floor Plan

Our floor plan is available as a large image or as a PDF.

Eastern Edge Gallery Floor Plan 2018