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HOLD FAST: 24 Hour Art Marathon

Over two decades ago, the 24 Hour Art Marathon Festival was born! It didn’t matter whether you were an established artist or someone who was just beginning your art practice – everyone worked side by side and shared their progress with one another. This year we’re turning 21 and inviting you to the online art party – HOLD FAST 2020 is a go! We’ve heard it a million times: it’s a new normal, but we are doing our best to continue to bring us all together and foster the arts community. Can’t wait to see you – virtually – during HOLD FAST 2020!
This year, HOLD FAST has transformed into an incredible 24 hour art extravaganza! During the 24 Hour Art Marathon (24HAM) we will be premiering creative artist talks and video updates from some previous HOLD FAST artists as a nod to our ever-popular Fancy Artist Talks. Across all of our social media platforms we will be going live and updating you with performances, artist talks, art-making demos, and maybe even a few surprises! We’re banding together with Lawnya Vawnya and St. Michael’s Printshop to make this a collaborative event you won’t want to miss.
This year, 24HAM will be more accessible than ever before – we invite artists from all disciplines (and all locations!) to come together virtually and participate in this popular event. At EE we’ve had a lot of success hosting events digitally and adapting our programming throughout this trying time. You can participate from anywhere in the world, meet new people, and share inspiration with other artists all from the comfort of your own space!
Want to join the 24HAM event? Click here to fill out the form for this free event. 

How does the 24HAM work?We ask that you register in order to be provided access to the Virtual Maker’s Space, over Zoom! Between 12:00 pm on October 3rd and 12:00 pm on October 4th (NL time), artists can join the Virtual Maker’s Space as many times as they would like, for as long as they would like while they create. Drop in and say hello in the chat, peek at what other people are working on to get inspired, or work on your own art among other artists from miles away.There will always be a trusted EE Staff, Board Member, or Volunteer (see below if you want to volunteer with us!) in the Zoom meeting moderating and assisting however they can, all the while working on their own creations! The comfort and safety of all participants is our top priority – rules and guidelines for the Virtual Maker’s Space will be distributed prior to the event, and must be adhered to throughout the 24HAM. 

Heads up! The Member’s Show is coming soon, and the 24HAM is the perfect way to work on a piece for our annual group show. Stay tuned to our social media channels for details on how to be a part of the 2020 Eastern Edge Members’ Show!

This event is FREE and OPEN TO EVERYONE, everywhere in the world. If you have never attended an event with EE before, we encourage you to join and make new connections! If you face any barriers to entry at all, please reach out to so we can help you partake!

That email is also for you if you have any questions or hesitations. We assure you that if you create at all, this event is for you! If you want to discuss if 24HAM is for you, reach out via email or any other communication channel that we have- the EE staff is happy to chat with you!


We will be giving a FREE Eastern Edge Membership to volunteers who complete a two hour shift throughout the 24HAM! You are not limited to one shift; if it suits you, we encourage you to select more than one. Volunteers are encouraged to make art while monitoring the online event, so this is a great way to gain valuable experience, make art, and meet people all at once. Volunteers will be required to attend a 30 minute volunteer orientation hosted online by Eastern Edge prior to the 24HAM at a date to be determined.

Click here to go to the form and let us know your availability!