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rOGUE Gallery

Current Exhibition

Tessa Graham, Home as Place, Home as Pattern

May 24 – July 6, 2024

Geographically, physically and mentally our memories bring us places; within those places are patterns and routines that have embedded themselves in the search for familiarity, for home. They are inlaid in the colours, movements and sensations to which we become accustomed in our immediate surroundings. These photographs examine the relationship between memories in liminal places and my own continual grappling with what it means to be home in Newfoundland and Labrador. This series explores how engaging with the natural world through foraging is a process in and of itself. Memory and seasonal patterns can move thought processes through physical spaces, causing a shift in one’s sense of home; from a place you grew up to a place you choose to exist. It is to this fragile relationship with memory – between displacement and belonging – I feel drawn; it is here I feel the most at home.

Upcoming Exhibitions


July 19 – August 31, 2024

This exhibition is a statement of resistance and a demand for recognition of the economic position of everyone below age 40 in our society today. Brian Amadi uses Acrylic paint to create a variety of artworks on denim Jackets. The subject of each painting varies as a signifier that there’s no group of people that can escape the current artificial asset scarcity that we are subjected to. Everyone from all walks of life suffers the brunt of the housing market.

Through his art practice, Brian Amadi has observed the rise in demand of mobile and functional art. It is a fact that the majority of people under 40 do not own property and may never do so until they are well past the age 50 – 55. Today, most people spend their ‘prime years’ renting property. Our lives are therefore subject to the goodwill of landlords. A goodwill that is itself slave to capitalist greed. The rise of homelessness indicates a valuation of infrastructure above human lives. This exhibition is an increasingly urgent rejection of the over inflated value of properties.

Evelyn Roitner, Place-Setting

September 13 – October 26, 2024

“Place-Setting” welcomes you to the table no matter the distance. Through illustrated functional ceramics arranged in a table setting, we see a story of friends gathering and how themes of human connection and distance are reflected in everyday tableware.

Violet Drake, Feeling Further

November 8 – December 14, 2024

Feeling Further is a multidisciplinary exhibition of prints, projection, and textile installation borne from digitally manipulated self-portraiture. This work is an exploration of both embodied and environmental metamorphosis and abstraction through a transsexual lens.

Ignatius Baker, Belonging

January 31 – March 15, 2025

Belonging is a series of screen prints started during my residency at St. Michael’s Printshop in the fall of 2023. Belonging is about finding a sense of belonging through swimming with other trans people and allies in nature. Bodies of water bring together the trans and queer community, offering a place of healing, outside of the confining limits of the city. Away from the rigidity of institutions and their binaries, space is made to find easier company in each other. It is where I started to find confidence in my body after transition, a time when I felt vulnerable and like I no longer belonged. It is a space I returned to during the pandemic for calm and through which I connected to my queer and neurodiverse friends to find joy. I wanted to create a series that celebrates this love for pond swimming.

Past Exhibitions


Luca Jesse Apel, Matka Las

Kevin Melanson, Making Ends Meet


Kayla Williams: Goddess of the Sea

Drew Pardy: That’s Hot

Monica Ila: I Dream In Shapes and Shadows

Christeen Francis: Love Under the Patriarchy – Portraits

Eastern Edge x Artforce NL: Wake Up Inspired


Natalie Esther: Looking Down

Charlene Denief: Walking Away From Yourself

Shazia Ahmad: Three Years, Two Gardens, One Feeling

Shannyn Reid: (un)familiar

Alex Antle: Njiknam (My Younger Brother)

Mural Honouring Essential Workers 


Dion Kaszas | Nlaka’pamux Blackwork: Tattooing for Transformation, Healing, and Adornment 

Dion Kaszas in the rOGUE Gallery

Heather Jackman | Steadfast

rOGUE Gallery: Heather Jackman | Steadfast


Bruno Vinhas | When it Stopped

rOGUE Gallery Presents: Bruno Vinhas | When it Stopped  


100 Mini Houses; A Downtown Exploration | Molly Margaret

100 Mini Houses: A Downtown Exploration: Molly Margaret

Lily Taylor | Funk Dance for Self Defence


Georgia Dawkin | INFESTATION 

The rOGUE Gallery Presents, INFESTATION | Georgia Dawkin

Each for Equal

Each for Equal

Emily Hayes | Inbetween

The rOGUE gallery presents, Inbetween | Emily Hayes


Jude Benoit | Diary of a e’pite’ji’j: hypervigilant love

Jude Benoit – Diary of a e’pite’ji’j: hypervigilant love

Wake Up Inspired

Wake Up Inspired

John MacCallum | Forever Young

John MacCallum: Forever Young

Michelle Sylliboy | Komqwejwi’kasikl  

Komqwejwi’kasikl : Michelle Sylliboy

Teresa Connors | Patterns

rOGUE: Teresa Connors

Benjy Kean | Not as lost as you think

Benjy Kean: Not as lost as you think





Ethan Murphy | Where the Light Shines First

ETHAN MURPHY: Where the Light Shines First

Emily Critch | Between



Olivia Wong | Greenspace

OLIVIA WONG: Greenspace

Virginia Mitford | Alluvium: To Wash Against

Alluvium: To Wash Against

Emily Pittman | A House of Another Colour

Emily Pittman: A House of Another Colour

Sam Moss | Cold Nights

Sam Moss: Cold Nights