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David Tuck Memorial Library

In collaboration with VANL/CARFAC, Eastern Edge offers an extensive collection of art periodicals and artist books for short-term loans to our members, through the David Tuck Memorial Library.

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E.B. Reid is putting the finishing touches on her photography exhibition in the new David Tuck Memorial Library space.

About the Library Space

This dedicated arts Library has books on local artists, catalogues, critical analysis, art theory, zines and more.

The space can be used as an alternative exhibition venue for shows that require an intimate atmosphere, a research area and a place to sit and read during gallery hours. There is no WiFi, so you can work distraction-free!

There is no formal application required to use the space for your project. We encourage artists, writers, curators, poets and members to email us with their project ideas.

The David Tuck Memorial Library opened to the public during the summer of 2018. The staff works hard to keep the online catalogue updated. However, our fantastic community continues to donate books to the library, making it so that not every book has made it to our catalogue yet.

While we continue to work on our online catalogue, we encourage you to browse through the physical books during opening hours if you can make it down to the library space (72 Harbour Drive). If you can’t access the physical space, please send us an e-mail at; let us know what you are looking for, and the staff will be happy to suggest some recommendations. We can mail up to 3 books to EE members in Canada for 60 days, free of charge*.

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*EE does not ship oversized and/or heavy books. EE will cover the cost of return shipping for members in good standing. Members are required to sign a form of agreement to return the book within 60 days of receiving it in the mail.

EE staff, Charlotte and Phillipa organizing book donations before the grand opening of the David Tuck Library

Library Exhibitions

March 2021 Secret Code: Nasim Makaremi

July 2019 Killing Time: José Luis González

April 2019 Locations: Kevin Melanson

October 2018 AWAKE IN THE DARKMimi Stockland


August 2018 David Tuck Library Opening – Little Lost House: E.B. Reid