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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question for the EE team? It’s likely that you will find your answer on this page! Search for keywords using your browser’s “find” function (Ctrl+F, command-F).


General FAQ

Q: How do I get involved with Eastern Edge? 

A: EE staff are very welcoming and love having visitors in our space, the best way to get involved is just to show up! Our galleries, events, and workshops are all free to attend and open to everyone. We also have a public library space in EE Studios, where we invite you to cozy up with a good book in our makeshift living room. Another way that you can support us and get involved is by getting an Eastern Edge membership. An EE membership comes with a variety of benefits including participation in our Annual Members’ Exhibition, opportunities to exhibit in the rOGUE Gallery, free entry to The Rooms, and more! Click here to see the full list of member benefits or to purchase a membership.


Q: How can I hear about upcoming events and opportunities at Eastern Edge?

A: Follow us on Facebook or Instagram, or sign up for our newsletter! Our newsletter is released every other Thursday, and contains info on our current and upcoming exhibitions and residencies, special programming, calls for submissions, and events and opportunities with our community partners.


Q: Are you hiring? 

A: Any and all active job opportunities with Eastern Edge are posted to our Job Opportunities page, as well as our social media platforms and our newsletter. If we are not currently hiring, you are welcome to email us your resume, or drop one off in person (but please keep in mind that doing so does not give you an advantage when opportunities arise).


Q: Do you need volunteers?

A: Eastern Edge is a very small team that is heavily supported by a network of lovely volunteers, and we always welcome more! Volunteer tasks could include gallery sitting, painting, working the bar, event set up, and more. We also offer a free year’s membership in exchange for 5 hours of volunteering. Click here to find out more about volunteering and sign up. 


Q: Can I donate art materials to Eastern Edge?

A: Yes. Community members who are looking to part with new or gently used art materials and tools are welcome to contact us about what they would like to donate. The kinds of materials and tools we are interested in include, but are not limited to: fabric, yarn, fine art papers, embroidery floss, etc. In the past, we have accepted donations of specialty tools and materials (eg. knitting machine), so if you have something oddly specific that needs a home, get in touch with us; we can’t guarantee that we can take it off your hands, but we’d love to see what you’re offering!


Q: Can I rent space at Eastern Edge for an event?

A: For all space rental inquiries, please read our Space Rental page


Q: Do you buy, sell, or appraise art?

A: No. As a not-for-profit charity, Eastern Edge does not buy or sell any artwork, nor are we qualified to appraise art. If you are interested in purchasing any of the work you see on display at Eastern Edge, staff may be able to connect you with the artist so that you can inquire. 


Q: I have a question about EE’s policies, procedures, or governance, who should I talk to? 

A: Any questions of this nature can be directed to Eastern Edge’s Board of Directors at 


Q: I have a question about EE’s exhibitions, events, or physical space, who should I talk to?

A: Questions like this can be directed to the Eastern Edge staff, you can reach us at 


Q: I have questions about the CARFAC Fee Schedule, who should I talk to?

A: Questions about interpreting the CARFAC Fee Schedule should be directed to VANL-CARFAC.


Q: I love the work that you all do, what’s the best way that I can support Eastern Edge?

A: As a non-profit and registered charity, Eastern Edge relies heavily on donations and fundraising from within our community. If you think that we are doing a good job and want to see us continue to succeed, consider making a financial donation or supporting us by attending one of our annual fundraisers. You can also support us by purchasing EE and HOLD FAST branded shirts, stickers, pins, and more, on our Merch page

If you are not able to support us financially, attending our events, sharing our posts on social media, and telling your friends about us are also great ways to show your support!


Submissions & Programming FAQ


Q: What is the best way to submit to Eastern Edge’s Call for Submissions?

A: We prefer applicants to submit via Google form, but those with extenuating circumstances or who are experiencing technical difficulties with the form may submit via email. Submitting through both the form and via email makes our job harder, so please refrain from doing this. If you have extenuating circumstances and must have an addendum to your form, you may send it via email, but please do not use this opportunity to submit more than 10 images.

If you are submitting via the google form, we recommend maintaining a word doc of all your written responses, for your own reference. Technical errors with the form are beyond our control, and in the event that there is a glitch, it is possible that your form responses will be lost if you submit them without saving a copy yourself. 


Q: Who is going to read my submission?

A: Eastern Edge staff members and Programming Committee members. Your submission will not be shared with anyone else.


Q: What is the self-identification section on the Submissions Google form used for?

A: The self-identification section of the Submissions Google form will be used internally, meaning your answer will only be seen by the Programming Committee and Eastern Edge staff. Your identity will not be a deciding factor in your application. This information is for us, to help us reflect and improve our outreach and processes. Only the information in your artist bio will be used in public-facing materials.


Q: Do staff have a say in which artists are programmed?

A: No. Staff members help compile exhibition and residency submissions into folders for the Programming Committee to view, and help facilitate programming meetings, but they do not have any say in the selection process.


Q: Can the Eastern Edge staff help me with my application?

A: Yes. Since staff have no say in who is selected, we are able to consult with prospective applicants to aid them with their submissions. A staff member can meet once with you in person or virtually to discuss the logistics of submitting your application, and give advice on what makes a clear and thorough application. Staff are not responsible for further editing or finalizing of your application outside of this consultation meeting. Staff are also not responsible for any unsuccessful results from the programming committee.


Q: Will I receive feedback on my application if it is not accepted?

A: Eastern Edge cannot guarantee feedback for all exhibition and residency applications at this time. With drastic growth in the number of submissions we receive each year, our Programming Committees are not always able to provide thoughtful feedback on each and every application.


Q: Can Eastern Edge pay for my travel and accommodations?

A: At this time, Eastern Edge can pay visiting artists a maximum stipend of $600, to be used for travel and accommodations. Receipts must be provided for reimbursement. We strongly encourage artists to apply for supplemental grant funding to support travel, accommodations, and production fees, and we are happy to provide letters of support towards these funding applications. 


Q: Do I get a private studio as an artist in residence?

A: No. Eastern Edge’s studio space is a shared, communal space that is open to the public during our regular open hours. There may be up to three artists in residence working in the studio at one time, though each studio area will be sectioned off to give some separation and privacy. The studio also functions as our staff’s office space, so we work, meet, and talk openly in the space. We often receive visitors and host events in the studio space as well. Artists in residence will be made aware of any major disruptions in the space ahead of time, and staff will do their utmost to create an environment that is conducive to an artist’s creative practice in our shared space.


Q: Do I get 24-hour access to the studio space as an artist in residence?

A: Yes. Resident artists will be given 24-hour access to the studio space so that they can work on their own schedules, outside of the regular hours that Eastern Edge is open to the public.