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Equity Policy

Eastern Edge is committed to an organizational culture that values and promotes diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunities. We are committed to relationshipbuilding, encouraging, uplifting, and actively supporting efforts to create equitable spaces, opportunities, and practices for all members. Eastern Edge recognizes systemic barriers that have affected the ability of marginalized communities to participate in the creative sector.

Eastern Edge will monitor and review the equitable functionality of our spaces pertaining to: physical space, staff composition, membership engagement, and community interactions to ensure equity, diversity, and inclusion for marginalized communities and equity-seeking groups. All of our policies are to be interpreted through an equity lens. 

Policies will be reviewed and revised as necessary by Eastern Edge’s Board of Directors and will become effective once approved by the Board. If you have questions or concerns about these documents, you can contact the board at


Board of Directors Manual

Eastern Edge’s Board of Directors Manual contains the set of policies with which our Board of Directors governs the organization and itself. This manual includes Eastern Edge’s Constitution and By-Laws, as well as our internal Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest Policy. Click here to view the full manual.


HR Policy

Eastern Edge’s HR Policy functions to maintain a harmonious and mutually beneficial relationship between Eastern Edge’s Board of Directors and employees. This policy describes the conditions of employment and expected general working conditions to ensure reasonable measures are provided for the safety and health of all employees. Click here to view the full policy document.