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Upcoming Exhibitions

Riisa Gundesen

March 10th – April 22nd, 2023

This exhibition will consist of a series of cutout paintings, installed on the walls, floor, and plinths, overlapping each other and creating a distorted recreation of the artist’s bathroom. Gundesen addresses popular commercial items associated with ‘wellness’, beauty régimes and mental health, (such face masks, candles, bath products, makeup paraphernalia, fitness attire/athleisure) both as still life objects and ‘costumes’ which transform painted figures in ambiguous or unsettling ways. This body of work explores themes of femininity, the abject, and mental illness, addressing the commercial popularity of “self-care” and “wellness”.

Jason Urban & Leslie Mutchler

May 5 – June 17, 2023

This exhibition is a new installation of printed and light-based works titled, Auroral Studies (working title). The artwork is related to an ongoing body of work called Geochromatic Studies which takes a similar approach to Spectra in its satirical and superficial approach to pedagogy, color research, and geology. Geochromatic Studies (Introduction to Geochromatic Studies, Intermediate Geochomatic Studies, Advanced Geochromatic Studies, Geochromatic Studies: Out of Gamut, and Color Impracticum) is an evolving fictive course rooted in color science, pseudo-science, and the spiritual. It’s a class without content, borrowing from pedagogical language and theory, and is anything but concrete.

Eastern Edge Annual Members’ Exhibition

June 30 – August 1, 2023

EE’s Annual Members’ Exhibition is open to our membership and will feature over 40 talented artists across the province.

Spirit Song Exhibition

October 27 – December 8, 2023

In collaboration with First Light, Eastern Edge will be hosting an exhibition celebrating indigenous culture. Spirit Song Festival is a celebration of Indigenous Arts and Culture that has been running annually in St. John’s since 2013. Spirit Song has now grown into a multi-day event which boasts world class performances, traditional and contemporary knowledge sharing events as well as artist in residence series.  The festival is enjoyed by Indigenous and non-Indigenous audiences alike. Spirit Song aims to support and promote Indigenous artists, strengthen our sense of community, as well as provide an opportunity for the greater public to experience the incredible work created by Indigenous artists from across Canada.

Past Exhibitions


Marcia Huyer: Negotiating +/-

Daniel Barrow, Paige Gratland & Glenn Gear: Three Way Mirror

Potluck: Annual Members’ Exhibition

Late for Life Chapter II – Previously Loved: Xenia Lucie Laffely

Indecisive Valley: Hea R. Kim

Between Here and There (Art as a Tool for Change Project): Ethel Brown, Violet Drake, & Nasim Makaremi Nia 


Under New Management: Video Rental Store: Su-Ying Lee & Suzanne Carte

Members’ Exhibition 2021

100 Mini Houses: A Downtown Exploration: Molly Margaret