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For many years, Eastern Edge has invited artists to paint murals on our exterior wall at 72 Harbour Drive (as well as some other public spaces). Please enjoy this compilation of murals, facilitated by EE and created by very talented folks, and follow the click-through links to read more about each project and artist!

We would like to extend a huge thank you to our friends at The Paint Shop for their continued support, and for donating paint for these incredible artworks!


you + yore, Daze Jefferies, HOLD FAST pop-up at the Craft Council NL, 2023


Nakita Morris, 2022


Design by Lily Taylor, painted by Swass-e-sois and Kelly McGuire, 2022


Brian Amadi, 2021


Lily Taylor, 2019


Amery Sandford, 2018


Jordan Bennett, 2018


Emily Pittman, 2017


Jonathan Green, 2016


Nelio x Tekar, 2013