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Eastern Edge Essays


(em)brace, a response by Jane Walker.


Response to Diary of a e’pite’ji’j: hypervigilant love + Big ‘Uns. By Emily Critch.

A Reflection on Komqwejwi’kasikl. By Hannah Morgan.

Reading Close: Joshua Vettivelu and legibility in absence. By Kailey Bryan.

Arbitrary Lines: Refugee Law in Canada 1986 – 2012. By Gobhina Nagarajah.

Visiting: Logan MacDonald A Response by Emily Critch.

Where Art and Science Meet: Emily Jan. By Gloria Hickey.


A reflection on, tet; mâni; ute | here. By Joanna Baker.

PEJIPUK |the winter is coming: Meagan Musseau. Keeping traditions alive in a modern age, from sweetgrass to plastic. By Jason Wells.


Indigenous enough? Reconciling what it means to be a contemporary Indigenous artist: Joanna Barker on her experience at Flotilla.

Intentionality: A response to Logan MacDonald’s exhibition, The Lay of The Land. By Camille Georgeson.

islandness, a living experiment: a Written overview by Hannah Morgan.

Fungible Materialism: Heather Goodchild & Naomi Yasui, ‘Last is First’ at Eastern Edge. By Katie Bethune-Leamen.

L’nui’sultinej, Let us Speak Mi’kmaq: Jordan Bennett and Ursula Johnson’s Mi’kmaq Word of the Day 2.0. By John Jeddore.

‘WORDS OF RESISTANCE’: Jordan Bennett, Ursula Johnson and the potency of language. By Craig Francis Power.

The Space Between: Steven Beckly’s ‘A tender touch can bend the straightest of things’. By Mireille Eagan.