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Eastern Edge Essays


Solidarity, Defiance and Me Too: Love Under the Patriarchy, Portraits, by Shazia Ahmad

Reflecting on Speculative Geologies, hybrid arts, and the geologic imagination, by Sandy Bonny

In conversation with Riisa Gundesen: Toilettes


Looking Down, The Work of Natalie Esther, by Mikayla Barney

Holding Space in Marcia Huyer’s Negotiating +/-, by Victoria MacBeath

Repeated Reflection: Kate Lahey on Main Gallery exhibition, Three Way Mirror

New Art Writing by Celeste Cares on the work of Charlene Denief

Pandemic Fatigue: Elijah Garrard on the work of Shazia Ahmad

Flora May’s Response to Njiknam (My Younger Brother)

A Reflection on the work of Xenia Laffely, by Larry Weyand

Mustard, Popsicles, Drano: Kevin Melanson on the work of Shannyn Reid

I Feel, Therefore I Can Be Free: Musing on the Art as a Tool for Change Project, by Curator Bushra Junaid

Attuning to the Sonics of Revolt. A response to Violet Drakes’s artwork in the exhibition, Between Here and There. By Kate Lahey

Structural Slippage: A Response to Between Here and There, by Daze Jefferies 

Art as Protest, Protest as Art: Ceilidh Munroe on the Art as a Tool for Change Project

Art as Seeds for Action and Change, an approach by Aram Han Sifuentes

Murals for Essential Workers: Service, The Foundation of Community by Matthew Nelder


Exhibition text for Holding Place: Close for Comfort. By Jane Walker

Exhibition Text for Heather Jackman’s ‘Steadfast’ | Kristen Lewis

Exhibition Text for Bruno Vinhas ‘When it Stopped’ | Robyn Love

Molly Margaret’s Micro-process for Mini Homes | Flora May

One administrators’ minutia is another artists’ matter by Greywolf

Essay on Nasim Makaremi by Rhea Rollman

Putting up for winter: the work of Nicole Travers by Melissa Barbeau

Funk Dance For Self Defence, exhibition text by Andrea McGuire


INFESTATION, exhibition text by Terry Doyle

(em)brace, a response by Jane Walker.

Hole in the Dark: Archiving Queer Performance. By Micheal Connors Jackman.

Queer City Cinema – A Little History. Essay by Gary Varro

Trans Women’s Archives in Fishy Fragments. Essay by Daze Jefferies

A Hole So Big It Became the Sky. Essay by Cory W. Thorne


Response to Diary of a e’pite’ji’j: hypervigilant love + Big ‘Uns. By Emily Critch.

A Reflection on Komqwejwi’kasikl. By Hannah Morgan.

Reading Close: Joshua Vettivelu and legibility in absence. By Kailey Bryan.

Arbitrary Lines: Refugee Law in Canada 1986 – 2012. By Gobhina Nagarajah.

Visiting: Logan MacDonald A Response by Emily Critch.

Where Art and Science Meet: Emily Jan. By Gloria Hickey.


A reflection on, tet; mâni; ute | here. By Joanna Baker.

PEJIPUK |the winter is coming: Meagan Musseau. Keeping traditions alive in a modern age, from sweetgrass to plastic. By Jason Wells.


Intentionality: A response to Logan MacDonald’s exhibition, The Lay of The Land. By Camille Georgeson.

islandness, a living experiment: a Written overview by Hannah Morgan.

Fungible Materialism: Heather Goodchild & Naomi Yasui, ‘Last is First’ at Eastern Edge. By Katie Bethune-Leamen.

L’nui’sultinej, Let us Speak Mi’kmaq: Jordan Bennett and Ursula Johnson’s Mi’kmaq Word of the Day 2.0. By John Jeddore.

‘WORDS OF RESISTANCE’: Jordan Bennett, Ursula Johnson and the potency of language. By Craig Francis Power.

The Space Between: Steven Beckly’s ‘A tender touch can bend the straightest of things’. By Mireille Eagan. 


Supernatural Entanglements and the Politics of Visibility by Marissa Largo

How to Chop an Onion / Anna Hawkins by Nancy Webb


Loving and Leaking: Katie Bethune-Leamen’s Cute Blobs by Saelan Twerdy

Coco Guzman – Los Fantamas/ The Ghosts by Paulie McDermid.

Jamie Ross / Jade Yumang exhibition essay by Sholem Krishtalka.

Kandis Friesen and Sarah Pupo – DOUBLETAKE by Sarah Smellie

A response to It’s The Media Not You by Sara Tilley

Jacinthe Robillard – l’étendue de mes connaissances exhibition essay by Anne-Marie Proulx.


Those with everything, still have everything by Jason Penney

One Night Stand exhibition essay by Jennifer Dyer.

Modular Meaning, The art of Andrée-Anne Dupuis Bourret by Gloria Hickey

The Cyborg Epiphany of Pascal Dufaux by Zach Pearl.


Syncopated Histories by Amber Berson.

The Self-Aware Stage-craft of Robert Hengeveld’s Living Sculptures By Kelly Jazvac.

Another Story of Erasure, a Different One by Sophia Bartholomew.

A response to Kyle Whiteheads Circles of Confusion by Carl Spencer.

A response to Anna Williams Dark Timber by Kailey Bryan


A response to Chris Fosters Frontiers in Real Estate by Kate Walchuk.

The games of art: The art of games by Susan Cahill