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Alex Antle

Artist Statement:

I am a Mi’kmaw beadwork artist who has been practicing since 2017. My practice began as a way to build a stronger connection to my Mi’kmaq heritage. I started by creating wearable art in the form of jewellery, particularly earrings. Wearable art is still a focus of my work but in 2019 I started creating larger applique beadwork pieces and loom pieces. Sometimes these works are framed and hung as wall art; they can also be sewn into clothes as another form of wearable art. 

In much of my work, I explore the relationship between tradition and living culture. I use traditional methods of beadwork to create contemporary pieces of artwork that are inspired by current events and evolving Mi’kmaq culture. The Mi’kmaq culture in Newfoundland is highly land based; this is reflected in my work though colour schemes. 

My colour schemes are often inspired by the landscapes around me. In the winter months, I work with blues, whites and silvers. In the fall months, I will lean towards oranges, browns, yellows, and reds. Materials used in my work include seed beads, delica beads, sinew, leather, stone, shell, porcupine quills and thread.


As Alex’s project for the FARR program evolves, we will be updating this page to showcase her developments. Check back here and follow us on our social media to catch all the updates.


Here is a sample of some of Alex’s past work.