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Anti-Racist Themed Mural | Brian Amadi

Catch Brian outside EE during the Art Crawl!

Initiated through talks with the newly forming BIPOC Creators Collective and Eastern Edge, local artist Brian Amadi was commissioned to create a mural outside Eastern Edge at 72 Harbour Drive. This project aims to emphasize the importance of anti-racism work, and promote diversity, inclusion and respect within our communities. Sharing and creating opportunities in Newfoundland & Labrador for diverse individuals is one of the many focuses of the collective, and Eastern Edge is thrilled to support this kind of work!

“This mural contains symbolisms which allude to diversity in Newfoundland and aims to show the unity of peoples; the group, as a part of the whole. As you look at the finished piece, consider not just what meanings lay underneath but also what the images mean to you.”
– Brian Amadi


Kelechi Amadi also known as Brian Amadi is a semi-realistic and surrealistic painter based in St. John’s Newfoundland. He is a philosopher at heart and this almost always bleeds into his work. He started out as a digital artist but moved to a traditional medium because Of his preference for the physical feedback. As the fifth child of a six children home, it is no surprise that he is a pensive artist. He is obsessed with fictional literature: the works of Brandon Sanderson, Brent Weeks, Pat Rothfuss (if he ever decides to finish his series) and hundreds more. To sum this, art is his passion and he hopes through his pieces he may not only share his passion but also ignite the passion in you.