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APAGA: Keynote, Pam Hall and Jerry Evans


Pam Hall and Jerry Evans

2:30 pm, Sat June 15 @ The Rooms, Bonaventure Avenue,

Evans and Hall have been working for the past few years to organize, fund, research and create a bilingual art-and-knowledge project called The Middle River. It gathers and reveals some of the local knowledge in Miawpukek First Nation- the Mi’Kmaq reserve in Conne River, NL,  and when complete will become Chapter 3 in the Encyclopedia of Local Knowledge. Hall and Evans will talk about their research-creation collaboration, their time in community, their protocols and processes, and will share some of the work that has emerged through their partnership.


The following text should serve as brief bio for us both- it is taken from the Project Description for The Middle River Project

Pam Hall’s work in rural locations in Newfoundland and elsewhere has been ongoing since the late 1980s. Drawn deeply to place and to the labour of practice (and the practice of labour), she has worked with and around rural knowledge-holders, especially in the fisheries, for many years. The Middle River collaboration with Jerry Evans is not her first project working with others and she has a long record of collaborative creation.  Jerry Evans is a senior Mi’Kmaq visual artist, curator and filmmaker. His work has explored his indigenous heritage through painting, printmaking, and film, and he curated FIRST, the 1996 inaugural exhibition of indigenous art in Newfoundland and Labrador. The Middle River is his first major collaboration with another artist and represents his ongoing exploration and celebration of Mi’kmaq and other indigenous experience in NL.”