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Art as a Tool for Change Symposium

Image by Evelyn Roitner

Art as a Tool for Change recognizes art as an empowering tool to facilitate critical dialogue around feminism, anti-racism, 2SLGBTQIA+ rights, environmental activism and so much more. Join Eastern Edge for a symposium weekend full of discussions, workshops, and presentations that will highlight diverse artists from across Canada, whose work is empowering, inspiring, and challenges social paradigms! Throughout the symposium we will explore the question: As artists, how can we create art that has the power to affect change? Participation in this symposium will be free, with public events taking place online and in-person.


Thursday, March 3rd

How do we as artists create work that inspires others to engage in critical dialogue with social, political, and environmental issues?

Thursday’s events include a film screening of Body House by Bruno Vinhas and Valentina Gaia-Lops, an embroidery workshop hosted by Nasim Makaremi Nia, and a panel discussion around what tools do we use as artists to inspire, emote, engage, and promote change, moderated by Larry Weyand.

Friday, March 4th

How are contemporary artists engaging with archives/histories and using art as a tool to reshape these narratives?

Friday’s events include an online workshop on developing your poetic voice hosted by Violet Drake, a performance lecture by Hazel Meyer & Cait McKinney, and a panel discussion moderated by Daze Jefferies that explores how contemporary artists work with and against the silence, stories, and gaps that structure colonial archives.

Saturday, March 5th

How do artists use art to explore their relationships to place, the land, the body as land, environmentalism, land back movements, etc.

Saturday’s events include a screening of Spruce Root Baskets by Evan Butler, a workshop by Ethel Brown on pairing text and imagery in diptychs, and a series of presentations by artists and poets working with themes of nature and the land.


More information and links to registration are HERE!