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Artist-Run Art Fair | St.Micheal’s & Eastern Edge

Location: The parking lots surrounding Eastern Edge Gallery and St. Michael’s Printshop
Entrance: All participants and visitors must enter through the parking lot that is on Clift’s Baird’s Cove Road (which intersects Water St. and Harbour Drive).

Members of the St. John’s art community are welcome and encouraged to participate in our Artist-Run Art Fair. This Artist-Run Art Fair is a chance for artists to display and sell their own work in a safe (physically distanced) environment. SMP and EE will be selling their own wares and merch as well as Art=Work t-shirts and hats for the Mary McDonald Foundation.

COVID-19 Protocols: Everyone is required to wear a mask at this event (unless certain health conditions prevent you from wearing one). Masks will be provided at the entrance of the event if you don’t have a mask already. Upon entering the event, visitors will be asked three self-health evaluation questions and be requested to sanitize their hands at the sanitization booth. Instructions from staff/volunteers as well as markings on the ground will help visitors navigate the event safely, keeping 2m apart from others.


The event will be postponed if there is rain.

If there are any questions or barriers to access feel free to contact either or