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Big changes for The EE Team!

Eastern Edge, our staff, and our Board of Directors would like to offer a heartfelt congratulations to Executive Director Philippa Jones on the birth of her beautiful daughter! Philippa has been at the helm of EE for over three years, and has created incredible change and growth in our operations during that time. We’ve seen significant increases like never before to our core funding, multiple massive projects that challenge and promote the contemporary arts of NL to audiences internationally, and the boundaries of what EE can become have been pushed beyond the walls of our gallery space with the creation of EE Studios. With her passion and expertise guiding the team through all of this, we know she certainly deserves to take a break from EE – and maternity leave is the perfect reason to do so!



With that, we are also proud to announce that Daniel Rumbolt will be the new Interim Director of Eastern Edge! Daniel joined the EE Team back in 2016 as the Gallery Assistant and Logistics Coordinator, and has since spent over three years as the Assistant Director. Having worked closely with our Executive Director Philippa Jones, our evolving Board of Directors, and hundreds of artists from across Canada and internationally, Daniel is eager to utilize and further test the skills he has developed throughout his time at EE.


We will be announcing even more changes and additions to the Eastern Edge Team in the coming weeks – be sure to keep a look out for more information! We are planning for another busy and fruitful year, and none of this could happen without the ongoing support of our community. We cannot thank you enough, and we are excited to continue to learn and grow with you all.

Daniel Rumbolt is an artist and arts administrator living in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador. He received his BFA from Memorial University of Newfoundland, is the Interim  Director of Eastern Edge Gallery, the Secretary on the National Board of Directors for Canadian Artists’ Representation/Le Front des artistes canadiens (CARFAC), and the Chair of Visual Artists of Newfoundland and Labrador (VANL). His multidisciplinary art practice is informed by his experiences as a queer artist raised in rural communities throughout the Great Northern Peninsula of the island, and through earnest contemplation of memory and mourning. Through his advocacy work, he aims to discover and establish tangible connections between rural and urban creators, fostering interconnectivity on a provincial, national, and international scale.