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We are very excited to present our summer rOGUE exhibition, FAWK YOUR WALLS, by artist Brian Amadi! Join us for an opening reception on July 20th from 6-8pm, featuring a performance by Brian in the rOGUE Gallery beginning at around 6:30pm.

As part of our 6-Hour Art Marathon taking place earlier in the day from 12-6pm, Brian will be tattooing in the space as well! The day promises to be an exciting celebration, ringing in EE’s 40th Anniversary with tons of special guests and events, so we hope to see you there! Click here to RSVP to the Facebook event, which includes the opening reception.

This exhibition is a statement of resistance and a demand for recognition of the economic position of everyone below age 40 in our society today. Brian Amadi uses Acrylic paint to create a variety of artworks on denim Jackets. The subject of each painting varies as a signifier that there’s no group of people that can escape the current artificial asset scarcity that we are subjected to. Everyone from all walks of life suffers the brunt of the housing market.

Through his art practice, Brian Amadi has observed the rise in demand of mobile and functional art. It is a fact that the majority of people under 40 do not own property and may never do so until they are well past the age 50 – 55. Today, most people spend their ‘prime years’ renting property. Our lives are therefore subject to the goodwill of landlords. A goodwill that is itself slave to capitalist greed. The rise of homelessness indicates a valuation of infrastructure above human lives. This exhibition is an increasingly urgent rejection of the over inflated value of properties.


Brian Amadi is a full time self taught artist. Born in Nigeria, Brian traveled to Newfoundland in 2016 for tertiary studies and completed his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Law & Society by 2021.

In 2018, Brian rediscovered his love for art and creation. He set out to learn acrylic painting and in the process opened a denim custom business he named “Brian denims.” Now called “Fawk Your Walls”.

Having lived in various geographical locations such as Nigeria, Ghana, Toronto and Newfoundland, Brian became familiar with the feeling of being an outcast, alerting him to the various ways society organizes. This triggered his passion for sociology, leading him to study deviance and complete a diploma in criminology in 2020.

Brian’s work is focused on highlighting social organization and the revelation of the different super structures that hold the current system of our society. Through his paintings, he hopes to hold a mirror to society and himself, in order to bring awareness to the different cultural and interpersonal practices that exist in society. He believes that the clearer we can see our society, the more we are able to act consciously in it; whether that requires change in areas or maintenance of the status quo.