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Call for Submissions: FARR Program

Flexible | Adaptable | Remote | Responsive

Deadline: June 29th, 2020

In response to the difficulties faced due to COVID-19, Eastern Edge is launching new remote programming to support and showcase artists while keeping access to art and conversations available to our wonderful community.

Click below to watch EE Explains: FARR Program 2020

We recognize that artists’ work and lives have shifted in unprecedented ways, and we are all adapting quickly to our changing world.

Artists: Eastern Edge wants to support your practice by offering presentation opportunities and professional fees. This remote programming is a new initiative that will be flexible and adaptive to each individual’s needs.

Eastern Edge invites you to submit a one-page proposal outlining what current barriers you face as an artist to the facilitation and presentation of your work, and how this opportunity or support from EE would assist you. We understand that there have been interruptions in the ways we work and that each artist’s way of creating is unique. The proposed project is not restricted to format or medium; we understand that not all work resonates on virtual or digital platforms and welcome alternative creative approaches to present the work. We will tailor our support to fit your needs directly. Your proposals can be research, creation, or otherwise, but keep in mind how your creative process can be highlighted through our shared networks, and what format will work best with the nature of your practice.

Eastern Edge is equipped to publicize successful applicants, and their projects, through our social media platforms and our website. Additionally, we will connect artists with one another and host public Community Conversations.

While we encourage your work to be presented publicly as we are an organization that seeks dialogue between our programmed artists and community, you may, after consultation with EE, opt-out of said presentation. Alternatively, you may then submit documentation of your project as images/videos and a written account of your experience. EE staff and the successful applicants will work together to identify the support best suited to the individual.

Two artists will be selected per 6 week slot, and we are currently programming until October 2020. During this time, in addition to the artist presentation and conversation, EE will publicize each artists’ practice on social media and our website. There may also be the opportunity for live studio updates or social media takeovers. Artists will receive professional presentation fees (see below).

Artist Presentation
Presentations may vary depending on your needs: an artist talk, a workshop, an interview, a studio tour, etc. We will work with you and discover what fits best. It’s important to note that you do not need to start a new project to apply; we are happy to support the continuation of a project that began prior to COVID-19.

Community Conversation
The two presenting artists will embark on an open, moderated discussion. You will be encouraged to explore the current barriers to your practice, and share strategies that may have aided you. This will help in identifying the adaptations that may need to be made to galleries and ARC’s to better support you during and following COVID-19.

Submission Requirements:
– CV / Resume including contact information
– Artist statement (max 500 words)
– One page proposal outlining your current project and how you would benefit from EE’s support. If you have an idea for a presentation—great! Otherwise, we can work on that part together.
– Up to 5 images of previous artwork or works-in-progress

**All submissions must be sent as email attachments (no zip files), and must not exceed 25 MB. Please send images as JPGs and text files as PDFs.

This program is open to all artists currently based in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Artists will be provided:
– $316 presentation fee at the beginning of the project period
– $316 presentation fee to participate in the Community Conversation to end the project period
– Online dissemination of your project across our platforms (website, newsletter, social media)
– Depending on the circumstances, technical assistance may be available (projectors, media players, speakers, etc)

Please be advised that receiving these funds may affect your ability to receive CERB, EI, or other funding being issued by the federal government at this time. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure receiving these funds will not impact eligibility to receive any government funding. If the artist believes that they can receive these funds and temporarily pause their current form of income from a government program, the artist is responsible for understanding how to effectively pause and later resume their current funding so that it does not affect their overall financial standing now or in the future.

The artist must adhere to current federal and provincial health recommendations.

Submissions will be reviewed and selected by the Eastern Edge Programming committee, made up of artists, arts workers, and community members from across Newfoundland and Labrador. Selections for the FARR Programming will be made based on the strength and merit of the proposed project, as well as how EE can best assist in supporting the project.

Please send applications to, and indicate “Eastern Edge FARR Programming” in your subject line by the end of the day on Monday, June 29th, 2020.