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Charlene Denief: Walking Away From Yourself

Walking Away From Yourself is an autobiographical series of figurative oil paintings that share with the viewer glimpses into the artist’s experience of growing up with undiagnosed anxiety and depression. Through the use of symbolism and colour, each painting shares a memory, feeling or symptom experienced while living with a mental illness. From the earliest memory of anxiety in kindergarten to receiving an official diagnosis and treatment in adulthood, Denief shares a deeply personal story of the obstacles and triumphs on her road to recovery.

Charlene Denief is a visual artist currently based in St. John’s, NL. Having no formal art training, Charlene has been learning to paint since her early twenties but has been drawing most of her life. During her time with a local nonprofit arts program, she developed a love for oil painting and printmaking and has continued developing her skills. As a practicing artist, Charlene has taken part in numerous group shows over the years with Walking Away From Yourself being her first solo show.

Join us on September 9th from 6:00-8:00PM for the opening reception of Walking Away From Yourself in the rOGUE Gallery!



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Photo Credit: Ksenia Korniewska