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Closing Reception: Members’ Show & Bruno Vinhas, When It Stopped

Grab your masks and join us for the closing reception of the Members’ Show and Bruno Vinhas rOGUE Exhibition, When it Stopped.


Main Gallery:

EE’s Annual Members’ Exhibition features over 40 talented artists across the province. Come by to see the variety of mediums, creativity, and techniques in our Gallery!


The rOGUE Gallery:

Click here to read the exhibition text by Robyn Love

“The hardest thing about being in a depressed state is that people have preconceived ideas of what it might look like. They usually associate it with not being able to cope with daily life and isolation, but in truth, not everyone experiences depression the same way.  Some people are fully functional as social beings; I am one of those.

On When It Stopped I depict my coping mechanism of staying busy, all the time, as a way to propel my mind to be thinking about the next thing not permitting any voids in which I would have to think about my own self. Through a series of textile art pieces steaming from the anatomical heart and the brain, I speak about what depression looks like to me and allowed all thoughts and feelings swimming around my head to be manifested.”

— Bruno Vinhas

Brazilian by birth, Bruno Vinhas is passionate about global craft culture which drove his will to work in a gallery environment. A degree in Tourism and Hospitality has provided Vinhas with the experience of living and working in multiple countries and being immersed in different cultures changed his perspective about art and craft. Graduate with honours through College of North Atlantic’s Textiles: Craft & Apparel Design program in 2016, Vinhas has devoted his practice to textile art with a focus on embroidery; he has also been part of several different projects including but not limited to set and costume design, mixed media and visual arts, theatre and dance. He has been working as the Craft Council of Newfoundland’s Gallery Director/Curator since August 2018, previously holding the position of Gallery Assistant Director for a year; his primary focus in the gallery is regarding accessibility and inclusion in public art spaces.
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