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Coils, curls & conversation: Redefining Our Standards of Beauty

Join BLM NL as we identify/explore the different ways in which we heal and circumvent the harmful effects of systemic,anti-Black and hair racism
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Last year Black Lives Matter NL hosted “Coils, curls and convo” as a virtual safe space to converse about hair discrimination and bias for our natural textures. The event’s principal aim was to highlight the deficit of diversity, inclusivity and affordability of hair care products in St. John’s.

Seven millennials from around the globe came together to discuss the social, economic and emotional impact of texturism, colourism, and self care in a dynamic panel on the Black community. The event transitioned to several tutorials on how to manage and care for 3a-4c hair types by beauty enthusiasts and parents alike.

This year, Black Lives Matter NL will be hosting three (3) virtual rounds of “Coils, curls and conversation: Redefining Our Standards of Beauty” on :

Feb 12, 6pm-8pm NDT: “Challenging the “White is Right” Standard”

Feb 19, 6pm-8pm NDT: “Challenging Our Concepts around Beauty”

Feb 26, 6pm-8pm NDT: “Coils, curls and conversation: Children Edition”

Each day, Black people around the world challenge the anti-Blackness in our media and communities. Join us as we explore the different ways in which we circumvent the harmful effects of systemic racism and its by-products of colourism and texturism, while promoting healing within ourselves and our communities.