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Eastern Edge Members Exhibition 2017

Eastern Edge Members Exhibition

Come see the variety, creativity, skill and talent we have going on in this community. You will even have the opportunity to own some of the artworks by bidding in our silent auction. (Images of artwork will be added at the bottom of this page next week)

Silent Art  Auction

Get yourself or a loved one an amazing art gift. 50% of all proceeds go to the artists the other 50% supports EE.
The auction will continue until the 20th Jan.
There will be a ‘secure it now’ price option, if you want to give the art as a gift you will be provided with a Polaroid of you and the artwork to give on Christmas day and the artwork can be picked up on Jan 20th when the show closes.

rOGUE gallery: For The Love of Learning’s annual art exhibition

Newly printed ART = WORK t-shirts

( courtesy of our pals VANL) 50% of the proceeds will go to the Mary MacDonald Foundation.
Available online here:


List of participating artists:

Alli Johnston

Amy Holloway

Anastasia Tiller

Anita Singh

April White

Ashley Hemmings

Briar Bennett

Daniel Rumbolt

David McConkey

Dominique Hurley

Ellen Reid

Emily Pittman

Ginok Song

Graham Cox

Hazel Eckert

J C Bear

Jane Walker

Jason Wells

John MacCallum

Kailey Bryan

Malin Enstrom

Mireille Eagan

Mimi Stockland

Olivia Wong

Pepa Chan

Sarah Stoker

Shelby Millwater

Stephen Hiscock

Terrance Hounsell

Tony Brathwaite

Will Baker