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Erin Hunt | Things that are Nothing


Opening Reception: April 9th 7-9 PM
(in conjunction with Main Gallery opening, Anna Hawkins: How to Chop an Onion)

Things that are Nothing is an exhibit of recent paintings by Erin Hunt. A series of small-scale works explore qualities of abstraction through the artist’s instinctual process of visual and material manipulation of objects, collages and drawings. Acting as visual meditations on ephemera and debris of everyday life, Hunt’s subject matter constitutes a personal index of place and time as well as a critical inquiry into aesthetics of display.

Erin Hunt makes small-scale paintings that come out of the artist’s preoccupation with objects, both found and made, which relate to a personal visual history and a particular time and place. Her practice explores the translation between observed subject and painted form, approaching abstraction as a visual language existing somewhere between the real and the imagined.

Erin Hunt holds a Master of Architecture degree from Dalhousie University (2007), and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Ottawa (2001). She was the recipient of a Canadian Architect Magazine Student Award of Excellence in 2007. Her most recent solo exhibition was held at Front Gallery in Houston, Texas. Erin is currently living on Fogo Island, NL.



IMG_4433 (2)

Photography by Alex Noel and Penelope Smart (bottom image).