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Artforce NL x EE Workshop: Relaxing Creativity with Christine Hennebury

“I’m calling this a workshop but really we’re going to be playing around with the creative process and finding ways to relax. I’ve got a few teeny projects for you to try and I’m hoping you’ll be willing to be awful at each of them. Yes, I am encouraging you to be bad at art. Why? Because this workshop is about the process, not about the results. We’re not trying to create a beautiful piece of art, we’re going to play with paint or paper or words and just find some ease for a few minutes. Picture a little kid lying on their stomach, tongue stuck out of the corner of their mouth as they concentrate, scrawling away at a piece of paper with a crayon – that’s the kind of feeling we’re going for. You don’t have to be GOOD, you just have to BE. Bonus points if you make a mess of things. All supplies will be provided and no one will be put on the spot at any point about anything.”

Christine Hennebury is a storyteller, writer, and creative life coach with a knack for encouraging people tobe kinder to themselves.  She writes fiction and non-fiction and she has 30 years of experience in leading workshops to help individuals and groups ease their way into new creative practices.

Christine is the founder of the Association for the Arts in Mount Pearl, the President for Storytellers of Canada-Conteurs du Canada, and a past president of the St. John’s Storytelling Festival.

This workshop is free to attend, and all are welcome! This program is funded by an organization that serves folks aged 15-30, so we strongly encourage youth to attend.

Artforce NL is an arts-based education charity, helping Newfoundland and Labrador youth overcome social and/or economic obstacles. Through arts-based programming and connections, Artforce helps young people coping with challenging circumstances develop life skills essential for independence and success.

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Times and Locations

March 2, 2024

1:00 pm

Eastern Edge