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Artforce NL X EE Workshop: Tatreez with Beck MacLeod and Sarah Khraishi

Old Palestinian Tatreez-Embroidery.“Tatreez” (تطريز) is traditional Palestinian embroidery, recognized by UNESCO as part of the intangible cultural heritage of Palestine. Join us as we explore the history, significance and practice of tatreez as a symbol of Palestinian identity and liberation from Israeli occupation.

Tatreez has been used by Palestinian women for centuries to adorn their traditional robes, or “thobe” (ثوب). After the Nakba, the expulsion of more than 750,000 Palestinians from their homeland in 1948, the artform has evolved to reflect Palestinians’ political aspirations, and is done all over Palestine and in the diaspora.

This workshop is an introduction to the history and evolution of tatreez as a source of pride, joyful resistance, and identity. Students will learn the basics of tatreez on aida cloth, and explore a sampling of common traditional motifs to use in their own pieces. All supplies will be provided, but participants are encouraged to bring a pair of scissors if possible, as there are only a limited number available.

This workshop is free to attend, and all are welcome! This program is funded by an organization that serves folks aged 15-30, so we strongly encourage youth to attend.

Artforce NL is an arts-based education charity, helping Newfoundland and Labrador youth overcome social and/or economic obstacles. Through arts-based programming and connections, Artforce helps young people coping with challenging circumstances develop life skills essential for independence and success.

Sarah Khraishi is a Palestinian-Canadian from St. John’s who has practiced tatreez for several years. She received a Master of Library and Information Science from Western University in 2017, and is interested in the ways in which marginalized people seek information to support identity and belonging. This class is her first foray into the wonderful world of textile instruction. 

Beck MacLeod is a St. John’s based textile artist and instructor who currently works in the city with a focus on accessible and adaptable education. Themes in their work include place, identity, activism, and nature. They are a graduate of the CNA Textile and Apparel Design program, with a focus on weaving, embroidery, and natural print and dye work.

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Times and Locations

March 5, 2024

6:00 pm

Eastern Edge