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Home as Place, Home as Pattern: an Exhibition by Tessa Graham

Geographically, physically and mentally our memories bring us places; within those places are patterns and routines that have embedded themselves in the search for familiarity, for home. They are inlaid in the colours, movements and sensations to which we become accustomed in our immediate surroundings. These photographs examine the relationship between memories in liminal places and my own continual grappling with what it means to be home in Newfoundland and Labrador. This series explores how engaging with the natural world through foraging is a process in and of itself. Memory and seasonal patterns can move thought processes through physical spaces, causing a shift in one’s sense of home; from a place you grew up to a place you choose to exist. It is to this fragile relationship with memory – between displacement and belonging – I feel drawn; it is here I feel the most at home.

Times and Locations

May 24, 2024

5:59 pm