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Belonging: an Exhibition by Ignatius Baker

Belonging is a series of screen prints started during my residency at St. Michael’s Printshop in the fall of 2023. Belonging is about finding a sense of belonging through swimming with other trans people and allies in nature. Bodies of water bring together the trans and queer community, offering a place of healing, outside of the confining limits of the city. Away from the rigidity of institutions and their binaries, space is made to find easier company in each other. It is where I started to find confidence in my body after transition, a time when I felt vulnerable and like I no longer belonged. It is a space I returned to during the pandemic for calm and through which I connected to my queer and neurodiverse friends to find joy. I wanted to create a series that celebrates this love for pond swimming.

Times and Locations

January 31, 2025

5:59 pm

Eastern Edge