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Transient Maternal: an Exhibition by Daze Jefferies and B.G-Osborne

As white settler trans artist-archivists, Daze Jefferies + B.G-Osborne’s collaborative practice turns to water as a counter-archive of kinship, loss, and care. Transient Maternal offers embodiments of grief and love that are emergent in intergenerational encounters and efforts to communicate with maternal ghosts through water. The loss of a mother at a young age, and the longing for a trans mother figure, guide their reciprocity, closeness, and with/holding. Using
sculpture, collage, illustration, sound, and video, they aim to create an immersive environment that explores t4t tenderness, rural inheritance, and the places where continuity and impermanence touch. Beach washup, textiles, charcoal, field recordings, wax, mermaid’s purses, plastics, burnt wood, and poetry form an evocative assemblage of memories and relationships held by water.

They gratefully acknowledge the support of ArtsNL.

Times and Locations

March 29, 2024

5:59 pm

Eastern Edge