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Fare & SQUARE Salon Soiree 2019

This is a fantastic opportunity for you to support Eastern Edge while going home with a unique work of art! The finest local artists have been invited to participate in this annual fundraiser, creating an original 8”x 8” artwork on birch panel. How can you get your hands on one of these fabulous pieces, you ask? You need to purchase a ticket here or at Eastern Edge and attend or send a friend to our salon soiree on December 15 2019.

The Soiree will run from 6 – 10 pm with the draw taking place at 7pm.

At the soiree, we will give you a complimentary ✨fancy✨ cocktail to enjoy while taking in all the specially created artworks filling an entire wall. Ticket numbers will then be drawn at random. When your lucky number is called, you may select one of the available artworks! This is a rare chance to receive a wonderful piece of art at a very reasonable price. It is a fun gamble not knowing what you will go home with, but a relatively safe one – all invited artists are AWESOME! We will be doing our best to cultivate a sense of excitement and tension at the soirée. At the end of the selection process ticket holders have the extra option of trading their work with the gallery for a wildcard piece of art – (for a fee.) There will only be  100 tickets available for this exclusive event. The tickets are $200 and for that price, you will receive an original 8×8″ artwork, a fancy cocktail and of course take part in an evening of art, music and fun!

Each of the artists below are donating a specially created artwork for this fundraiser (The list of artists grows daily). We are blown away by the generosity of our wonderful art pals. Eastern Edge Art Gallery is a charity and as such we are so grateful for your continued support. If you have any questions about this event, do not hesitate to contact us

Participating Artists:


Amy Holloway
Amber-Lynn Thorne
Amery Sandford
Anastasia Tiller
Andrea Pottyondy
Andrew Testa
Anita Singh
April White
Ashley Hemmings
Benjamin Thwaites
Candace Fulford
Charlotte May Hobden
Craig Francis Power
Christine Koch
Daniel Rumbolt
D’Arcy Wilson
David Kaarsemaker
Emily Jan
Emily Pittman
Eric Euler
Ethan Murphy
Ginok Song
Grant Boland
Graham Cox
Greg Bennett
Hazel May Eckert
Iakov Afanassiev
James Stenson
Jane Walker
Jason Wells
Jennifer Barrett
Jerry Ropson
Jery Evans
Jennifer MacLatchy
Jessica McDonald
Jessica Waterman
Jonathan O’Dea
John McDonald
Jud Haynes
Kailey Bryan
Kelly Burton
Karen Channing
Kathleen Knowling
Kent Jones
Kristina Søbstad
Kym Greeley
Larry Weyand
Lily Taylor
Logan MacDonald
Lorraine Matthews
Louise Sutton
Lucas Morneau
Malin Enström
Matthew Hollett
Michael Connolly
Mireille Eagan
Michael Harlick
Michelle MacKinnon
Mike Gough
Mimi Stockland
Molly Graham
Ned Pratt
Nelson White
Noah Bender
Patrick Canning
Peter Jackson
Philippa Jones
Rodney Mercer
Scott Goudie
Sam Moss
Sarah O’Rourke-Whelan
Shawn O’Hagan
Susan Furneaux
Tanea Hynes
Tara Bryan
Teresa Kachanoski
Tia Connolly
Will Gill

Here is a Selection from 2018.