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FARR AiR Evelyn Roitner & guest James Knott: Walking, Map-Making, & Psychogeography.

On September 3rd, 2020, we got together with Evelyn Roitner & James Knott to chat about Evelyn’s work, psychogeography, the subjectivity of maps, and indulged in some personal map-making.

Click here to check out Evelyn’s FARR residency page. 


Evelyn Roitner is an emerging multidisciplinary artist and illustrator. Originally from Aurora, ON she is now based in St. John’s, NL. In 2016 she graduated from OCAD University with a Bachelor of Design in Illustration. Through traditional and digital mediums, she explores themes of identity, storytelling, place and personal mythologies.

James Knott is an emerging, Toronto-based artist, having received a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Integrated Media from OCAD University . Their performance-based practice combines theatre, video, and audio art to create immersive and emotionally resonant experiences for the viewer. Currently their practice looks to house personal narratives and queer experience through self mythologizing, and auto-iconographic aestheticism