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Faune Ybarra | Artist Talk

On June 27, 2020 Faune Ybarra discussed her experiences during her remote residency at EE, and the process of her Archive of Embodied Displacement. This archive is a conversation between the book Through Newfoundland with the Camera, published over 100 years ago, and Faune’s gestures as a Latin American diaspora currently living in Vancouver, BC. These still images, performances, and writing, conjures a space and time that refuses to settle into homogeneity. This archive defends that the nuances of nationhood and belonging to shifting territories exist in the form of “diasporic gestures”, actions to ground ourselves in the current land we are inhabiting. Weaving together spaces and narratives of the “Canadian” East and West coast, Faune aims to claim some agency over her own history, a shared history of immigration, displacement, and awakening trust.

Below you can find links to Faunes performances, recorded during her residency:

2a. Touchstone at Point Grey

3a. Thinking of You, railroad near 6th ave

Currently located in Vancouver, Faune Ybarra is a diasporic artist originally from Oaxaca and Mexico City, Mexico. Due to the experiences of constantly moving and adapting, Faune has conceived of her body as a site of translation from where she attempts to communicate with other people and the non-human. Focusing on questioning the understanding of communication beyond our human constructs of language, Faune works with “portable formats” such as video, sound, performance, and photo-based practices. She holds a BFA in Visual Arts from Memorial University of Newfoundland and she is currently expanding her research/practice on the interrelation of displacement and diasporic gestures at Simon Fraser University as part of the MFA cohort in Interdisciplinary Studies.