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Hellraiser Dance Party

A Satanique Underworld, Westboro Baptist, Hell themed Queer Dance party!

💀 Be ready to dance on the floor like Linda Blair to an incurably curated masochistic mixtape made by Korpus Kristi (Jason Penney)

💀 Mistress of Potions Veronica Saye, will be mixing concoctions to make your blood curdle with delight

💀 When the witching hour strikes, witness the ritual summoning of Irma Gerd, who will be performing her famous lawnchair handcuff dance to the sound of sodomites screams

WARNING:: if you are not a legitmate spirit of the underworld, we suggest that you wear a daemonic disguise for your own protection

this is a PWYC (pay what you can) event, and a safe queer space