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HOLD FAST Art Crawl 2022

The Art Crawl is the highlight event of HOLD FAST taking place in downtown St. John’s on the evening of Saturday August 27th, from 2-8pm. At this event, downtown St. John’s comes alive with artistic performances delivered at various outdoor and indoor locations across the city. Featured festival artists and locals alike present performances, exhibitions, interventions, and more!!! Check out the projects by our featured festival artists below!

Shazia Ahmad – Dreaming
Anna Templeton Centre, 278 Duckworth

My proposed project Dreaming is a screen-printed blanket fort which will form a shelter people can take refuge under. This fort will be constructed from large strips of fabric. The screen-printed element will be an original pattern printed repetitively in a limited vibrant palette of magenta, cobalt blue, and dioxazine violet.


Josh Murphy – Newfound Lad’s Nautical Nonsense
Kaleiodoscope, 32 George Street

Fishermen, Sailors, Lobsters from the deep. Come be witness to a lambasting and queering of Newfoundland archetypes. It’s drag, it’s burlesque, it’s nautically naked. Tipping, hooting, hollering and all forms of consensual audience engagement encouraged!


Luca Jesse Apel – Mother Nature
Pedestrian Mall, Water Street (exact location TBD)

“Mother Nature” is a living sculpture, crafted from garbage and embodied by drag; a ball-gown made entirely from plastic packaging and latex paint. The only new material is the glue binding everything together. These materials now use their composite beauty to remind us of the wildlife they would otherwise destroy. It is a reflection on the impact litter and hyper-consumerism are having on the environment, and an invitation to ponder the potentials of upcycling.


Faune Ybarra – Ashore, stranded
Rocket Bakery, 294 Water Street

This is the beginning of a decolonial understanding. Projected images of an iceberg from over a 100 years ago are re-constituted by another body of water, Faune, the performer. In bringing to the present these images, a new narrative is put forward where the body is central to understanding how time and space converse beyond the strains of linearity.


April White – How to smile?
EE Studio, 72 Harbour Drive

Do you have trouble smiling? Maybe you need some help. Join Noodle, a dangly-armed real-life cartoon human thing, on a walk in downtown St. John’s and contribute to a large scale ” 🙂 .” Maybe we’ll eat some pasta afterwards.

How to smile? will be a walk through downtown St. John’s starting at Monkstown Road and following this route, ending at Eastern Edge Studio with a NOODLE PARTY 🍜🍝🍜🍝🍜🍝


Nakita Morris – Chalk Drawing

When: August 27, 2-6pm
Where: Scotia Building, Water Street Pedestrian Mall

Check out Nakita’s in progress mural at 72 Harbour Drive, and find them outside Scotiabank during the art crawl making chalk recreations of artworks from The Rooms exhibition “Generations: The Sobey Family and Canadian Art”.

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