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Community Events

Community Events 2018

The Fogbank Audio Coworking Group Inc.
Wednesday August 8, 2 – 4 pm

Host: Renee Boileau
Location: Ground Floor, 50 Harbour Drive

Limited to 12 seats. To register:

A picture is worth a thousand words, but audio is immersive.

Join us at the Fogbank for a by-your-bootstraps audio production session and produce your first podcast audio clip.

You will be learn what it takes to be an “Apprentice Podcaster”: sharing a story, recording your own voice on a handheld microphone and turning it into a mini-podcast. A Fogbank podcaster will steer you thru the process of blocking the wind, finding the “whale” in your story, untangling a short storyline from your raw sound file, basic audio editing and assembly, and layering in a sound effect or two to bring it to life. You will discover how to catch podcasts thru a smartphone app like Overcast or Podbean.

By the end of the session, you will know how to:

  1. Record a short interview or ambient effect with your device (e.g., smartphone)
  2. Upload it to a webpage.
  3. Install an RSS reader.
  4. Sign up for an RSS feed.

Plant Matter
Thursday August 9, 6 – 8 pm

Artist: Ashley Hemmings
Location: MUN Botanical Gardens, 306 Mt. Scio Rd
Type: Opening / Exhibition

Plant Matter is a body of work made as a part of Creation with the Garden, an artist in residence initiative made possible by MUN’s Botanical Gardens, and the Grenfell Visual Arts Program. The body of work considers the hierarchies and classification systems present within a university garden, and the decisions that go into organizing plants into thematic sub-gardens within the space.

With Plant Matter, Ashley wanted to create her own sub-garden within the framework of the university Botanical Garden and populate it with flora of my own invention. Her large plush plants are made from fabric dyed using plant matter collected from the Botanical Gardens back in the fall of 2017. Each of her plants contains DNA from both native and non-native plants; traces of flowers, ferns, lichen, muchrooms, soil, bark, and berries; they are part natural and part man-made – defying categorization, and existing both inside and outside the limits of the thematic sub-gardens. Another side of this work is a consideration of the fantastical, and the potential for nature to exist not only outside of the confines of classification, but also outside the confines of reality.

What’s Written in the Ladies Book Lanch
Thursday August 9, 8 – 10 pm

Hosts: Bridget Canning
Location: Eastern Edge Galler, 72 Harbour Dr
Type: Book Launch

Welcome Potluck
Friday August 10, 1 – 2 pm

Hosts: Visual Artists of NL, The Anna Templeton Centre, The Craft Council of NL
Location: Anna Templeton Centre, 278 Duckworth St
Type: Pot-Luck

Net of Wishes
Friday, August 10, 1 – 4 pm

Hosts: Fishing for Success
Location: Eastern Edge Gallery parking lot, 72 Harbour Dr
Type: Interactive Installation

A traditional hand-built dory with oars, grub bucket, and traditional fishing gear draped in a fish net called the “Net of Wishes” will be installed in the Eastern Edge Gallery parking lot.

Visitors are invited to tie their wish on the net, adding their coloured yarn to those of the past year. Visitors are also invited to take pictures, and allow their children to sit in the dory!