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Venue Accessibility

ALT Hotel: 125 Water St. On-street parking; accessible from Water St.; automatic double door entrance.

Anglican Cathedral: 16 Church Hill. On-street parking; accessible entrance from upper and lower levels.

Anna Templeton Centre: 278 Duckworth St. On-street parking; access from Duckworth St.; small ramp to left of the front, leading to a single door.

Bannerman Brewing: 90 Duckworth St (upstairs). Second floor events space, only reachable by stairs.

Christina Parker Gallery: 50 Water St. On-site parking; stairs or ramp to get to the front door; single door.

Craft Council NL: 155 Water St. Glass double door entrance; second floor is accessible by stairs or elevator.

Downtown Comics: 141 Duckworth St. On-street accessible parking; single door entry from Duckworth St.

East Coast Quilt Co: 343 Water St. On-street parking; automatic single glass door to enter; entire store is one level.

Eastern Edge: 72 Harbour Dr. On-street parking; ramped entrance, automatic double doors, one accessible gender-neutral bathroom.

First Light CPAC: 81 Cochrane St. On-street parking, stairs or ramp to get to front door. Heavy wooden doors might require assistance.

Harbourside Park: On-street accessible parking; stairs and ramps throughout the park.

Johnny Ruth: 183 Water St. On-street parking; accessible entrance from Water St.; small curb in front of door, double door entrance.

Lawnya Vawnya: 4 Clift’s-Baird’s Cove Rd. On-street parking on Harbour Dr; accessible from Clift-Baird’s Cove; heavy wooden double doors followed by single door entrance.

Rocket Bakery: 294 Water St. Small ramp leading to single door from Water Street; second level up two steps.

The Rooms: 9 Bonaventure Ave. On-site parking; automatic & revolving door accessible by stairs or ramp. Elevators inside, wheelchairs available to borrow.

St. Michael’s Printshop: 72 Harbour Dr (upstairs). Located on the second floor, only accessible by stairs.

WELL Room: 363 Duckworth St. On-street parking; accessible event space entrance down a gently sloping gravel path.