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John MacCallum: Forever Young

Forever Young
July 6 – August 3, 2019
rOGUE Gallery

Opening Reception: July 6, 7-9pm

– Manic and depressive mood swings
– Euphoria
– Rapid speech
– Racing thoughts
– Irritation
– Decreased need for sleep
– Missed work
– Fatigue
– Chronic pain with no known cause
– Sadness
– Hopelessness
– Suicidal thoughts
– Withdrawal from friends and family
– Changes in appetite
– Increased physical activity
– Careless use of alcohol
– Irrational feelings of guilt and shame

Forever Young is an exhibition of installation work by local artist John MacCallum. Using images, sculpture, performance, and direct verbal communication, John attempts to explore his personal experiences with bipolar disorder and reflect on the stigma still attached to mental illness in society today.

John MacCallum has a Masters degree from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Inspired by a life-long fascination with materials and a strong interest in representational art, he reflects through his work on family, nature and social justice. Out of a mix of traditional media, construction material and eclectic, recycled items, he creates meaningful and cutting-edge works of art.