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LAL Collaborative Sound Art Workshop


LAL Collaborative Sound Art Workshop
Sunday May 22 12:30 – 3pm
Eastern Edge Gallery

Open to all levels, with or without experience in sound creation

Join Rosina Kazi and Nicholas Murray from the band LAL in this introductory workshop to recording, sound creation, and media. Using a interdisciplinary and collaborative process, we will create and record a musical background with found sounds and our bodies (hands, mouths, feet!) as well as a poetry / spoken word / abstract word pieces. Each participant will get an mp3 of the work created.

About LAL
LAL has been performing and recording for over 12 years and have been conducting sound workshops all over the GTA. They provide workshops that utilize anti-oppression and feminist practices, basically trying not to create a vibe of oppression. Respect being key in how they work with the community. LAL will also be doing a performance at Peter Eastern pub on Saturday, May 21 at 9pm.