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Lawnya Vawnya 2022 at Eastern Edge

Lawnya Vawnya; an exposition of independent art & culture is a non-profit music and art festival that takes place each spring in downtown St. John’s, Ktaqmkuk. Lawnya Vawnya gets it’s name from an old Newfoundland expression meaning “To have a good time at a dance or a party with plenty to eat”. It is a good time by the sea.

This year Eastern Edge is partnering with Lawnya Vawnya to present the following events:


Thursday June 9th

Emily Jan: Collaboration Across Worlds, workshop, Eastern Edge, 12pm
Art Brat Comics, workshop, Eastern Edge, 2pm

Friday June 10th

Merch and Print Fair, Eastern Edge, 12-4pm
I Don’t Do Comics, Comic Jam, with Personal Submersible, Eastern Edge, 3pm

Saturday June 11th

Merch and Print Fair, Eastern Edge, 12-4pm

For more information, visit Lawnya Vawnya’s website!