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Mainframe: An Introduction to Audiostellar with Neddal Ayad, Jan. 26th, 7-9 pm 

Scroll down for the recording.


Constellations of Sound: An Introduction to Audiostellar, with Neddal Ayad – Jan. 26th, 7-9 pm at Eastern Edge. 

Audiostellar is a free, visually oriented, experimental, AI-driven sampler/instrument aimed at electronic composers and improvisers. In this free workshop, guitarist/electronic musician Neddal Ayad will walk you through the process of creating a sound galaxy and how to incorporate it into a performance workflow. Everyone is welcome! As a visual environment, Audiostellar is an excellent gateway for non-musicians to explore sound art and sampling.


Participants are encouraged to download a copy of Audiostellar HERE and have audio files on hand as raw material for their own sound constellations. You can access some free audio files from


To learn more about the software, visit…

Audiostellar on Youtube

Audiostellar Facebook Group

Audiostellar Discord


Artist Bio

Neddal Ayad is one-half of the St. John’s based experimental guitar/electronics duo Solar Tongue. He applies a “stuff into stuff” approach to recording and performing and specializes in finding ways to creatively misuse audio software.

Image credits: Kseniia Trubachova, IG @siderumsaliva




Workshop recording:

Please be advised that the microphone did not capture some musical components in this video.