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Mainframe Workshop: Auditory Fun 101, with Oz on 6/15

On June 15th, from 6-8 pm, join Mainframe resident artist Oz (B.G-Osborne) on Zoom to learn the basics about using the open-source audio software Audacity!


In the workshop, we’ll discuss… 

  • file naming/organization
  • interface familiarization
  • opening audio files
  • changing speed and pitch
  • duplicating, cutting and blending tracks
  • noise reduction
  • panning
  • trimming
  • waveform versus spectrogram view
  • exporting and playback
  • optional: ingesting cassette tape recordings


We will leave lots of time for experimenting and questions! No audio experience is required. 


Please have Audacity downloaded on your Mac or PC computer, and feel free to have audio samples prepared to play around with! You can record audio with whatever device you have (smartphone, tape recorder, digital recorder, computer microphone), but Oz will also have some samples available in a google drive folder that can be shared with participants before the workshop.


This workshop is FREE to attend. Pre-registration is required. To register, click here!