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Mainframe Workshop: CNC 101 with Jordan Smith

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Join us on March 1st, from 7-9 pm, for an introduction to computer-controlled (CNC) routers.

Computer-controlled machining can carve 3D shapes from wood, composites, metals, plastics and foams. This workshop will cover the basics of  3D design with Fusion 360, G-code, working with Eastern Edge’s CNC router and the general process of making things with that machine. 

We’ll cover how designs are converted into instructions which steer a drill to produce complex shapes which would otherwise be difficult or impossible to replicate by hand. From intaglio printmaking plates to sculpture to bendable wood to circuits, CNC opens many doors for artists looking to experiment with new techniques.

No previous experience is required. This event is free to attend. To register, click HERE!


About Jordan

Currently a Senior Data Engineer at Shopify, Jordan Smith (he/him) will help you make a cool thing. He works with wood, metal, jazz, watercolour, electronics and local flora/fauna. He’s built robot sailboats. He did a Master’s of Engineering involving processing point of care ultrasound with machine learning. He’s roboticized a can of Carnation milk to combat a carton of fresh milk in an ultimate battle for better beverages and made generative art physical with CNC milling. Found fraud and scams with AI at Verafin. Helps run local robotics competitions with FIRST Lego / Skills Canada. Taught kids about electronics, coding and ML with ESDNL. He’s got some vacuum fluorescent display tubes, pogo pins, sensors, conductive fabric, thermoplastics, scrap metal, streaming equipment, too many spare parts, and a deep knowledge of cloud computing knowledge.




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