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Mainframe Workshop: Microcontrollers for Artists, Dec 1st, 7-9 pm

There is no recording; however, there are Arduino resources below.

On December 1st, from 7 – 9 pm, join artist Joe Fowler for an introduction to microcontrollers! 

In this beginner-level workshop, participants will be given their own Arduino microcontroller and learn how it can be used to control lights, motors, LCD screens and more. No coding experience is required. Together, we will build a simple interactive circuit and look at how microcontrollers can be used for various artistic projects and DIY fun.


What is an Arduino?

Arduino is a cheap and adaptable microcontroller platform that makes simple DIY electronics projects accessible to anyone. The Arduino provides many possibilities for building interactive gadgets thanks to its sensors, indicators, displays, and motors.


Please bring a laptop (Windows, Mac or Linux) and have Arduino IDE downloaded ahead of time. If you do not have access to a computer, email 

This workshop is free to attend. Masks are encouraged but not required. 


Artist Bio

Joe Fowler is a visual artist, musician, and educator from Newfoundland and Labrador. He owes much to his home province’s culture of resourcefulness and adaptability, which he sees as a response to isolation and scarcity, living in an unforgiving natural environment. His projects expand on the rich tradition of creating things – tools, furniture, shelter, vehicles – from whatever is lying around.


Helpful Resources:

Arduino Project Book – It’s the best and most fun book, says Joe!
(All the sketches are in the IDE already under File, Examples, StarterKit_Basic)
The 3 Sketches Used In the Workshop
The Powerpoint Presentation
Website For Working With Arduinos in a Software Environment
(It’s free, but you have to make an account)
Workshop Presentation Slides
Arduino Workshop Instructions